Thursday, 15 November 2012

Crunch (or Crush) Time

unlabelled belt & boots; Burberry dress shirt; Siren's tights

It's the tail end of Autumn here in Halifax, and school is only a few weeks from completion. Yes, I'll get all my assignments done on time, but I have no interest in being glued to my desk all the time. As a much needed distraction from my trials and tribulations of cataloguing, collections, and CSS style sheets I'm spending some much needed time with my wardrobe. As general rule, I tend to steer away from spring and summer wear because it gets pretty cold in Canada, but I've never really been into the whole long sleeved shirts, layers, sweaters, and socks thing either. Until now that is. I've recently discovered that I actually like cold weather clothing, provided that it's from the men's section, so to celebrate this discovery (and all the fabulous vintage finds I've been collecting lately) this whole month is going to be all about men's wear on women. Fabulous, right?

My top reasons for loving men's wear

  • the men's section in thrift stores is usually chalk full of designer labels, and for super cheap
  • dating someone? you just doubled your wardrobe without spending a penny
  • the loose fits are super comfy and easy to wear
  • you can style it up with some accessories, or leave it minimalist
Did I mention that Coco Chanel, Carrie Bradshaw, and a slew of other fashion-forward women have beeen rocking this trend forever? Maybe it shouldn't be considered fashion-forward anymore, but a wardrobe staple! Do you have any men's wear in your closet ladies? If not, my challenge to you is to check out the men's section the next time you're out thrifting and get with it!

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