Thursday, 29 November 2012


Anyone who knows me knows that I really really dislike horses. I mostly blame this on not wanting to be another one of those clichéd girls who's obsessed with horses, but I will admit a big part of it stems from a best-friendship gone bad and my rejection of everything that has to do with that person. But even though I would never set foot on a ranch, get up in the saddle, or date a cowboy I can't help but love equestrian fashion. Case and point: my obsession with Ralph Lauren's head-to-toe browns (in mixed textures and patterns of course) and tshirts emblazoned with polo riders. And then there's the boots. The glorious riding boots. Besides biker boots (you know, the leather kind with spikes, straps, and studs) they're my all-time favourite pick for Autumn and Winter footwear. 

Ralph Lauren 3

Ralph Lauren 2

Ralph Lauren

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