Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Lost, an Unfinished Poem

It’s been a really long and difficult couple of weeks.
I don’t know whether I’m swimming, or drowning, or just floating through my life.
Regardless, time moves on at it’s own pace.

The surrounding silence is deafening.
But not loud enough to drown out the questions in my head
Or to mute the tears cried into pillows in the night

Evenings are the worst.
The darkening sky brings up a blackness inside
Citylights wipe out the stars that can’t shine through
And the silent streets amplify my white noise.

A ghost sits, oddly smiling, in the other corner of the couch.
More ghosts stare out silently from emptied picture frames.
And inside, a ghostly feeling of separation from the world. 

image from Haute Fashion

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