Thursday, 21 February 2013

Bright Ideas

"That's my job, to push and push, even if 98% of people don't understand what you've done this season, maybe they will next season." ~ Nicholas Ghesquiére, W magazine, Nov. 2012.

Going with the flow and being one of the crowd has never been my thing. I may be quiet and avoid being in the spotlight as much as possible, but that doesn't mean that my opinions are any less chaotic and revolutionary than those who speak out. Instead I opt for the quiet revolution; the revolution that starts at home - usually in my closet; the revolution that requires no words, just a little smile in the eyes. 

The first day of grade 11 (an auspicious day for fashionable high schoolers) I decided to take it up a notch and went all out. Looking back, I cringe to think that I paired a pleated pinstripe skirt with fishnet leggings, and pink&black pumps, but it was a statement of who I was to become. It was this year that I stopped caring what people said and I started taking risks. I wore satin cargo pants with heels, pink plaid miniskirts were in abundance, and my fabulous teal velvet blazer made its first appearance. This time period is now so far back in my memories that I no longer remember whether I actually got strange looks from my classmates, but I'm betting that I did. 

Considering that I still get odd looks from people all the time over what I wear it's pretty safe to say that I'm never going to be one of those girls who goes with the flow of current fashion. I'll keep wearing my cut-off Jack Daniel's shirt, mismatching patterns to my heart's content, and laughing at people who don't understand how I can wear such high heels without tripping. Right now the weather (yuck) has made it incumbent that I tone it down for the sake of practicality, but for some reason the knee high equestrian boots that are one of my Winter staples still cause quite the stir so I guess I'm still accidentally pushing the proverbial envelope. 

*blouse by Joe Fresh, skirt by Suzy Shier, leggings by Sirens. 

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