Tuesday, 19 February 2013

The Dreams we Dream

oh yeah, that's what I'm talkin' about

We all dream, whether we dream nightmares of being hunted through the city streets or fantasies of winning a million dollars. Even if we know that these dreams haven’t happened, they can be so realistic that we start to think that they’re only dreams because they haven’t happened yet. All it takes is that one little word - yet - for us to start dreaming again, but this time in the real world. We let ourselves be led by our lucid dreams in the hope that they make the crossing from the Dreamlands to the Waking World.

Lately I’ve been dreaming that I’m back on the West Coast, back in my heartland of Victoria, back where I belong. They've been so realistic that I can smell the cherry blossoms that filled my old neighbourhood, have that feeling of mystery that only the twilight of the Island brings, hear the soft roar of the Dallas Beach ocean on its rounded stones, and wake up knowing that I'll find more treasure in the stacks of Russell's Books. Obviously my dreams are a product of my waking desires, but the dreams have become so real that I’m starting to feel like they’re going to happen. Like if I just apply for the right jobs, cross my fingers, and practice being patient I’ll be back on the best coast before I know it.

Judging by the number of job applications to Victoria (3) compared to Calgary/Edmonton (20+) my dreams are leading me to have completely unrealistic expectations. The question now becomes: do I place all my bets on the city of dreams or do I keep spreading the love and applying to everywhere under the sun?

my old stomping grounds - the oldest Chinatown in Canada!

just in case you're wondering, I used to live right on the cusp of "Old people who can't afford Oak Bay" and "Trendy Hippies," and I often visited "Dead People" because that's where the neatest cemetary (and my grocery store) is!

It's Spring in Vic already, and the blossoming trees are out in full force.
Yet in Halifax, I'm stuck with snow, slush, and wind...

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