Thursday, 18 April 2013

April Blizzards

I've been praying since early March that the terrible weather we've 
been having in Canada will break, and Spring will finally come 
around. I dearly miss my shorts, open toed shoes, and tanktops. 
This week we've finally started to get some decent weather in 
Halifax, but it's still cold, so the need for a jacket is still imperative. 
Which would suck, except that lighter weight jackets can be super 
cute and are super trendy this Spring so far. Here are three looks I 
created, as inspired by the fantastic jackets made my British rebel 
designer Vivienne Westwood. Whether you want to wear your 
summer dresses early, add a pop of unique colour or texture to your 
outfit, or go classic with moto-style leathers there's a Spring jacket 
for you! 

Audrey Updated
The New Yorker

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