Thursday, 11 April 2013


Whether it's the first day or the last, change is inevitable. It can be expected or it can come as a surprise, but regardless we have to let the flow of the time take us downstream. We might feel like we're being swept out to sea with the tide, but survival instincts kick in so that we either swim back to shore or grow gills and sink beneath the waves to become amphibious. 

The spectrum under the waves seems muted at first, awash with hues not carried by oxygen, but it holds a whole new world. The choice to adapt may seem inevitable, but it is impossible to stand anchored in the mire and murk. The eddies of time take you where they will, but it remains your choice how much you will allow them to change you. 

tshirt by Avirex (alterred by me), skirt by Forever 21, tights by Betsey Johnson, boots by Aldo, clutch by MMS Design Studio, earrings by Sirens, vintage bracelet. 

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