Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Through the Fire

Last Wednesday, at approximately 2:30pm the biggest chapter of my life ended. Even though I technically had two more classes to attend, I handed in my last two assignments - an essay on cataloguing the fashion world & an infographic on library mobile apps if you must know - a whole two days early. That makes it official: I've spent the past 20 years in school and I have never handed anything in late or pulled an all nighter to finish a paper. (Though there were those two participation assignments that I just didn't do at all, which I don't count). Regardless of the academic drama, it feels distinctly strange to think that I'll never have to set foot in another classroom or pay ridiculous amounts for tuition again. Or have to go back to school shopping. Damn, I'll kind of miss that. Apparently I'm supposed to feel stressed out and depressed about not having structure in my life. But you know me:  I don't believe in stress, I just deal with it. 

I'm still waiting for the new phase of my being to begin officially, but the cocktails I consumed last night (along with the entire day of Sex & the City and Suits re-runs today) are a great start. My project list is about a million items long, and I'm looking forward to having plenty of time to work on my writing, my art, and having many many adventures. Bring it on 2013, I can hear the awesomeness calling. 

Image from Hapsical, Alexander McQueen Fall/Winter 1998.

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