Sunday, 26 May 2013

A Walking Tour of the Shambles: a Sunday Shoe Story

Outfitted in my [no longer quite] white Converse Chuck Taylor All-Stars, I give you a walking tour through the Shambles - or in this case, my hometown Kamloops. I didn't have time to go everywhere, but these are the relics of ages past, and note should be taken!

The Royal Inland Hospital, where the momentous occasion of my birth occured
@6:40am on Easter Sunday of '88

Mere blocks away, the house where I grew up
(and where my parents still live)

Our front yard has a whole bunch of young fruit trees.
This one will grow pears in a few months!

Riverside Park, where I spent most of my childhood summers.
Unfortunately they have replaced the awesome pirate ship playground :(

The most important location in Kamloops: the Library!
I still remember when it was housed about 6 blocks West of this location in the old Lotto building, and they closed for a month to move into the fancy new location.
Thankfully they kept the orange carpeted stairs that were such an integral part of storytimes -
And all the books!

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