Sunday, 19 May 2013

Riverside: a Sunday Shoe Story

The small dust- and snake-filled town that I grew up in may annoy me at times (like running into your ex-bff from high school, the mother/father of your arch enemy, or that guy who you've pretty much forgotten), but the East Coast really has nothing on BC.

giant rootbeer slushies for $2
parks with real trees
layers and layers of clouds
mountains on every horizon
real shoe stores (and by real I mean the good ones)
people who wear kilts, just because
bookstores with topics besides true crime/naval history/vintage
houses with proper backyards
downtowns with wildlife 
a Starbucks (and 7-11) on every corner
24 hour restaurants
more than 2 options for grocery stores

And most importantly...
no odd looks for wearing outfits with colour, sequins, or heels!
(well maybe not NO odd looks, but definitely fewer)

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