Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Adventures in Unpacking

Part of moving across the country for grad school involved a very involved process of moving a lot of my worldy possessions along with me. Not everything went, of course. Can you imagine trying to move almost 1,000 books from coast to coast? Not only would it be a ridiculously expensive venture, but it would be a harrowing experience, since I don't trust anyone even touching my books - much less trusting them to some moving company and letting them out of my sight for the month-long wait that it takes to travel the million kilometres. The important things that moved with me were my extensive shoe collection and rather random wardrobe. A girl can't live without the Unicorn Shoes or a red velvet leopard print dress, right?

Then two weeks ago I made the choice to evacuate the East Coast for good - which inevitably meant having to move all my stuff coast to coast. Again. I may have parted with my gloriously cloud-like mattress and fantasticly stylish sofa, but once again my shoes, clothes, and the new books I had amassed had to make the cross-Canada trek. So with haste, but with a detailed list documenting the contents of each box, I packed and sent my stuff on its journey.

My 70+ boxes arrived earlier than expected (thank you United Van Lines!), but I've literally had to spend the majority of my time since then unpacking and organizing. Thank goddess I had the foresight to make a list and number each box so that I could separate the boxes of books (obviously integrating them into my collection was priority no.1), hang up all my jackets so that gravity could go to work on the creases, and be reunited with my Barbie Box (the vintage fishing tackle box that holds all of my makeup).

In just over a week I'll be heading up to Whistler to start my summer job, so even though I've made sense of the maddness now, I'm going to have to decide what exactly is worth taking for a 3-month stint in a small mountain town. From what I hear Whistler in the summer is all about hiking and drinking - two things I generally avoid - so I really have no idea what kind of shoes to pack. Are my high heels going to get ruined with mud/gravel/rain or am I going to get weird looks for wearing some of my stranger outfits? Sometimes I think that life would be simpler if I had a simpler wardrobe - but then again, what would be the fun in that?!

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