Thursday, 8 August 2013


As the years go by we see certain things come into style, and then suddenly disappear, only to be remembered with a fond sort of horror and nostalgia. Like fanny packs. Convenient for carrying snacks and such, but complete fashion suicide.

I’ve never been one to follow trends, as it’s almost impossible to find things that are in vogue at the thrift store (even with my shopping karma), yet I often find things that are clearly from ages gone by but are once again fabulous. Or maybe I just think they’re fabulous because I’m living in the past.

Like this retro jacket from Givenchy. I’m not sure exactly which collection it’s from, but I have the feeling that it’s from the Alexander McQueen-era, since the tailoring is impeccable and the silhouette is exaggerated. Either way it’s absolutely fabulous, and I can’t wait til the weather cools down so that I have more of an excuse to wear it. Afterall, one must not sweat through couture…

* jacket by Givenchy, skirt by Annie Alexander

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