Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Waiting for the Other Shoe to Drop

I had about a dozen ideas of things to write about this week, but my stress level has been so through the roof lately that I haven't been able to form any of them into cohesive narratives.

There was going to be a post about why I've read so many high school novels this summer. A post comparing waiting for a guy and a job to call. A post about the minimalist nature of my purse contents. A post about the person who has the most intense eyes I've ever met (yes, he's real).

But my brain can't sit still. It's running - running circles around itself - and clearly it's not following any sort of track, so I'm just going to let it keep running its little trail of random and try to distract myself with things like frappucinos, French cheese, and fancy chocolates.

See, my brain is even making me use alliteration, even though it is my second most hated literary device (after puns of course). Be quiet brain. 

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