Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Go Big, or Go Home


I’m the kind of person who always has a “To Do” list (actually it’s three lists), so when I finished my Master’s degree this Spring I felt sort of at sea. Sure, I still had everyday goals (go to the library, groceries, clean my apartment), but the largest goal in my life had been completed.

So I asked myself: what next?

Being the Type-A control-freak list-wizard that I am I came up with two plans related to my career. The 5-year plan (with no reference to Stalin’s USSR) was to get a job on the West Coast, and the 10-year plan was to get a job in the United Kingdom. Clearly my 5-year plan went out the door when I got offered and accepted a summer job in Whistler, but I began to question my 10-year plan. I undoubtedly still want to move to the UK (Scottish manor houses, boys with accents, the Book of Kells, and red double-decker buses – yes please), but I feel like bumping this plan up to the 5-year deadline is a little too much.

So instead I’m making a whole new plan. A 7-year plan. It’s a lucky number after all, and I figure that it’s a reasonable timeframe to get a cross-Atlantic job, buy a house/condo, buy a car, and adopt an adorable dog (preferrably a Great Dane, whom I shall name William).

Oh, and pay off my student loan, while I’m at it. Pretty sure they won’t let me leave the country on a permanent basis unless I do!

So what’s on your 7-year plan? Or are you one of those crazy people who just flies through life by the seat of your pants?

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