Thursday, 3 October 2013

The Fall Issues

I’ve been seriously tardy with doing my fashion homework lately… Like school, I will go to class and do the assignments (the fashion equivalents being going shopping and putting together outfits), but I refuse to do the readings. I only buy fashion magazines once a year (the big Spring and Fall issues of Vogue and W), but I am terrible at actually getting around to reading them. And when I do read them all I do is look at the pictures…

For shame, I know.

Then again, fashion is all about the visuals – guilt be gone!

So to give myself a little motivation for actually doing my “homework” I went through Vogue and W and picked out a “best” and “worst” list for this little post. Ironically, once I was finished I didn’t even want to go through the effort of collecting images from the “worst” list, so you’re only getting the positive feedback! Things are are a-changin’ apparently…
Handbag: Dior
Normally I loathe the idea of a shoe-printed purse (and a curse upon all shoe-shaped purses), but this artful little sketch is perfection. It’s whimsical, yet classic, and all tied up in a useful accessory!

Dress: Dolce & Gabbana
Red and lace and sparkle and the models wearing crowns? Love it! Bring on the oppulence of the Italian aristocrats, I say!

Shoes: Chanel
Everyone should have a little Chanel in their closet, I always say, and these quilted leather riding boots with chain detailing are definitely worth swearing by (if Carrie Bradshaw is any kind of indication).

Coat: Versace
Something about a bright red maxi-coat just speaks to me right now. How odd, that two reds are on my list, when it’s normally a colour I avoid?

Pants: Saint Laurent
Putting aside my issues with their name-change, no one does chic trousers like YSL, and these leather beauties are no exception.

Makeup: Marc Jacobs Beauty
He had me at smokey rainbow-hued smudges.

Jewelry: Versace
Versace wins again, with punk-rock spikes and layered chains amping up their editorial edge.

Prints: Etro
This brand isnt normally on my radar, but they stepped it up this time around by pairing graphic and organic prints in a rather interesting way.

Male Model
Jeremy Irons for Berluti: Props to Irons for making his way in what is definitely a young man’s field and repping for Berluti. Pairing well-known male actors with fabulous fashion seems to have become a trend in the last year (Ewan MacGregor for Belstaff, etc) and I am definitely all for it!

Newcomer: Belstaff
They might have been around for ages, but the last year has seen this British brand break into the ranks of the major fashion contendors with their classic leather and knitwear lines. We’ll see if they manage to maintain their momentum, and whether they attempt to break out of their well-established mold.

Ad Campaign: Kenzo
It seems that the models have become the print in the latest editorial campaigns from Kenzo, and while I am not a big fan of bugs I find this juxtaposition quite amusing and visually pleasing. 

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