Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Going West

If last year was the year of nostalgia (while moving recklessly forward) then this year is shaping up to be the year of forward thinking (while trying to stay rooted). I read lots of my old books and reconnected with people from my past, but ultimately left everything that I’ve known behind for the greener pastures of the prairies. They may be covered in a mixture of snow and ice right now, but I’m told that all changes in June.

Maybe it’s the reckless and constant moving about last year, but my attitude towards being uprooted again has done a complete 180. I actually want to STAY somewhere for longer than a month. More than a year. In fact my head is so convinced that I like it here that I’ve started cruising the humane society and real estate websites in earnest. Clear signs of an urge to “nest” if I ever saw them, since dogs and property are rather permanent commitments.

Of course, wanting to have a dog and a house means that I’m having to rethink some of my priorities. Things like the instinct to shop have to be curbed, anything purchased must be a long-term investment, and I have to be pretty positive so that I don’t burn any bridges. Ironically, it’s only the first two of these that I have issues with – I like spending my money obviously – since I’m absolutely loving my job and the city in general. Even the cold weather doesn’t really bother me anymore. I would be lying if I said I liked the average of -25°C temps, but we’ve only had one -50°C day and the city carried on as usual.

Apparently I’m not the only one who will start to feel more stability this year, since last week we entered the Year of the Horse on Chinese New Years. According to this brand of astrology the year will be filled with lots of oats (abundance), trots rather than gallops (a steady pace forward), and greener pastures (being content). Normally I am not at all into horses (they’re the most boring adolescent cliché in Kamloops ever), but if this transition from the restlessness of the Snake and Dragon Years (2013 and 2012, respectively) to something a bit more mundane is inevitable then I’m going with it. Bring on my “home on the range,” as long as it means I can afford to keep it! Just don’t ask me to rope any cows…

*image from Tumblr

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