Sunday, 16 February 2014

Guilty Pleasures: a Sunday Shoe Story

February is the worst month of the year. Winter depression has made itself home in our heads, the skies are full of snow, and the temperature keeps faking us out with "only" -3°C days (before dropping back to -25°C). But we don't get to see the Spring thaw unless we make it through February, so I've compiled a little list of things that get me through to the other side. I call them my guilty pleasures, but they're really more of a survival technique...

TV Show: JPod
Nerds, doing nerdy things. Must I elaborate?

Books: the Georgia Nicholson series
I've read this series about 5 times, and every time it just gets more hilarious. 

Movie: Rock of Ages
Sometimes a girl just needs some ridiculously campy 80s hair metal
(and Tom Cruise in leather pants)

Shop: Amazon
All the selection, none of the outdoor time!

Food: Purdy's Chocolates custom boxes
All of the chocolates that you want, none of the ones you only tolerate eating!

Music: anything Disney
Yup, I'll never grow out of my Disney phase

Shoes: anything covered in ruffles & satin, or absolutely inappropriate for the weather

images from Tumblr
shoes by Poetic Licence London

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