Saturday, 20 October 2012

Aly's Big Break

I got this nail polish (OPI's "Aly's Big Break" from the Burlesque Collection) from my bestie Aina, when she was going through the "I'm going to give Jaimie lots and lots of nail polish for every present-giving holiday" phase. I wasn't that into it at first, but it's grown on me. The red jelly base is the perfect shade of red, if it's built up with 2+ coats (I've only done 2 here, but it gets super intense with 3), and I quite like the flakey glitter in it too. Normally I go for polishes that are more obviously glitter-packed than this one, but I like that you can't see the glitter from a distance. It's like secret glitter, only for me!

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