Tuesday, 23 October 2012

The Golden Years, or Are They?

I’ve heard a lot of whining in the last year and a half about our chosen program of grad studies. While I indulge in my fair share of whining alongside, I must admit that this program isn’t nearly as difficult as I thought it would be. In fact, compared to my undergrad degree, this degree is a breeze! Just for the sake of easy comparison I’ll give you the breakdown of assignments from my last semester of my undergraduate degree and the assignments from this program.

Grad School
Large Papers
Assignments (misc)
Group Projects


Midterms/Final Exams

Just based on the numbers, we have a lot less assignments in grad school than I was dealing with in my undergraduate degree… And let me reassure you, the “large papers” from grad school are significantly smaller than the ones I had to write in undergrad. Though I guess it kind of pays off not having midterms or finals, but I really really really really really dislike how many group projects we do instead! But regardless of the class content in undergrad, I never handed anything in late, my grades were decent, I didn’t skip class that often, and did I mention I was working a 30 hour a week job? Right now I don’t work, I don’t do the readings for my courses, and one of my classes (you all know which one) I skip every single week. And I’m not complaining about how difficult the assignments are. Sure they’re tedious, and annoying, but my biggest complaints lately are that I wasn’t interested in the topic I was writing on and that I didn’t have enough space to actually write a decent paper for another assignment.

So really: what the hell kind of easy programs did my classmates graduate from that they actually think this one is so hard? Or have they just gotten soft from not going to school for so long? Buck up kids; we only have a semester and a half to go!

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