Tuesday, 7 January 2014


Moving to a new city may be a hectic enterprise, but it also has a certain novelty. A new city comes with hidden streets to explore, treasure-filled thrift stores, and a fresh crop of eligible bachelors. But my favourite part of moving is having a new apartment. Finding it might be a challenge when you’re as picky as I am (hardwood floors, hot water heating, no cats, top floor, downtown locale, non-family friendly), but it can be done if you have a certain amount of determination. When I moved to Regina people told me that the city was going through a housing crunch, and finding an apartment on short notice was going to be a challenge, I uttered the phrase that has so often crossed Barney Stinson’s lips: “Challenge: accepted!”

At the 24 hour mark of arriving in the city I had found the perfect apartment, and at 48 hours I was signing the paperwork. I believe that’s what we call “winning.”

Two months later, I’m almost totally settled into my fabulous new digs and am officially taking requests for house guests! All I need now is a coffee table – seriously they’re harder to shop for that you think – and some artwork for the walls.  

Entrance closets are clearly meant
for storing my over-abundance
of jackets, rather than giving my
house guests a place to
hang up their coat.
Me, share?
Yeahhhh right. 
I can't really take a picture of the
Shoe Closet III: The Return of
the Shoes, since it's a floor to
ceiling storage closet.
Suffice to say, it's pretty awesome,
because there's still room for more!

As you can see, my priority was having a real-person-sized
pillow-top mattress, rather than having a "proper" bed.
And of course Henry gets the other side, as per usual!

My building was built in 1928, so it has a few vintage remnants,
like this converted wall-sconce. I am convinced that more
apartments should have details like this!
Down the hall (past the bathroom, which you don't get to see) is my reconstructed photo wall.
I'm planning on some updates, but most of these pictures are still my favourites. 
Then you get to the living room, which is separated from the rest of the space with my reading/computer nook.
Yes, I bought the exact same couch that I had in Halifax. And it's still be favourite (affordable) couch! 

The living room is a bit bigger than I'm used to working with, so I had to switch up my normal living room arrangement. So far I'm really liking the change in space though, since it works rather nicely. 
Every girl needs a vanity table!
Even if it's only to keep her makeup
out of the bathroom, because,
obviously, ew germs!
The only prints that made it to Regina
from my collection were the two
Andy Warhol quotes.
At least they're good ones!

I don't have a desk anymore (since I
don't have to spend hours of my life
writing useless term papers), but
I still needed a place to keep my
in-progress paperwork.
And my stack of library books!

I wish my kitchen had a bit more storage,
but it does what it needs to do,
and that will suffice for now.

At the moment we're in the midst of the Winter freeze, but my ice-crystal-covered windows give my apartment a beautifully sparkly glow in the mornings, which almost makes up for the fact that it's freezing outside!

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