Tuesday, 14 January 2014

My Life, with Dogs

It’s funny to think how quickly one’s affection for an individual can grow. Of course, I’m speaking of the new dog in our house, and not people. People are much less loveable than dogs.

I wasn’t all that interested in getting attached to this new one since she was meant to be the replacement for my dog (who is clearly irreplaceable), but after living with her for a few weeks I was smitten. Maybe it’s just because I have an inability not to love dogs (which is entirely possible), but it’s rather difficult to not like a dog who is as odd and entertaining as she is.  

She has a such a fondness for cushions that she's earned herself the title Princess Boo.
And she especially likes stealing the now-warmed seat where you were just sitting.
Haughty looks are always included. 

She likes no toys better than cardboard boxes or pieces of paper, since they are easy to destroy.
Shoes, clothing, chunks of wood, and the edged of furniture are also well-loved, hence earning her the nickname "Bad Dog."
She thinks that's her real name now...

Sometimes she likes to sit regally, but this is usually just a ruse to fool you into thinking that she is a good dog before she jumps on you or rakes you with her claws (in jest of course). 

Putting on clothing, socks, or shoes makes her immediately start to howl because it must surely be her walk time.
She makes the oddest noises, none of which are more odd than her trademark deer-scenting bay.

Because she is a Bad Dog she has to stay on leash at all times on her walks.
Her brain turns off when she smells deer, and she spent a few overnights in the park because she didn't come when she was called (and after much searching). 

Thankfully, she also likes to spend a lot of time sleeping, and she will seek out the comfiest place in the house.
Apparently the rug in my room (actually my baby sister's room) is the best, since she is not allowed on the indoor couches and outside is too cold. 

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