Friday, 15 April 2011

On the Road Again

Instead of the usual fashion-themed post that I normally write on Thursdays we're going to take a little detour. This obviously isn't because I ran out of fashion-related things to write about, but I got a little bit too busy what with having to move. I moved? You didn't know? Oh. Well, now you do! I'm no longer residing in the fair city of Victoria, and have actually moved back to my hometown (something I said I would never do... famous last words...) for the summer, before I depart across the country for grad school. There were many reasons for making this choice, and those of you who need to know, know why, and it shouldn't really matter to the rest of you. If you really need an explanation, then you may ask, but you might not be happy with the answer, so proceed with caution...

empty living room

empty shoe closet :(

empty bedroom and closet

uhaul, stuffed to the gullett

dad bought a new truck, just for my move :p
(it's a Toyota Tundra!)

my new living arrangement
(until I get everything moved into my actual living space)

Seriously, there aren't that many of you have entered the giveaway contest yet, and you probably should. SHOE GIFT CARD! seriously! GO ENTER NOW! Someone has to give Taryn a bit of competition :p

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