Thursday, 28 April 2011

Fast Fashion

Car movies aren’t just for boys you know. Case and point, the entire Fast and the Furious franchise. Sure, the plots may centre around guys, and the drama is all about cars, and building cars, and stealing cars, and wrecking cars, and racing cars, but these movies have some pretty good fashion moments (as well as some horrible ones…)

The first movie is full of fashion no-nos. The biggest one is that the majority of the main characters run around in wife-beater tank tops, all the time. They’re always dirty, they’re obviously not classy, the worst part is that one of them not only wears a wife-beater, he combines it with a MESH wife-beater. That’s right, I’m not kidding. I honestly feel sorry for the guy, because he looks nothing less than ridiculous. The only fashion-do that is made in this movie is that the protagonist, Brian, wears Converse the entire movie. You all know how I feel about Chucks, so there’s no need for words.

see the guy in the back row far left?
yeahhhh that's mesh >_<
Eva loves her neutrals
 2 Fast 2 Furious definitely kicks it up to second gear though (yes car puns, I know I’m a horrible person), since they introduce a proper female character who’s not just there as a sex object. Well, Eva Mendes is most well known for her physique, and she does show it off in the movie quite a bit (scene: tanning pool-side in a Bond-esque white bikini), but she has some gorgeous outfits in the film. Unfortunately since this is a “guy movie,” and it’s a bit older, it’s pretty difficult to find proper information on what she’s wearing in the film (read: impossible). But I’ve scooped up a bunch of photos of her outfits, and maybe you can tell me who designed them!
totally should have been a Bond girl!

love this dress!
(and the death glare of course) 
The 5th (and hopefully last) installment of the series is coming out this Friday, and I’m hoping that the producers included a decent cut for the wardrobe department. But if they’ve spent it all on fast cars, and big explosions, I guess that’s okay too. Of course, there’s eye-candy already guaranteed (yum Paul Walker)! 

all I want for X-Mas :)

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