Tuesday, 19 April 2011

And the Winner Is...


Congrats Mel! 15 was the lucky number, and your bonus entry was number 15! Way to go smartie pants! You have won yourself some free shoes :) Gift card will be in the mail soooooon!

I'm not really surprised at this, since Mel seems to be an irregular fixture on my blog. She was the subject of the inaugural post, and a central feature of the St. Patrick's Day post (along with her ridiculous Irish accent). Maybe I should do a guest post from Mel, since apparently the internet wants her to be a permanent part of my blog :p And it seems the world wants me to give her shoes, since I gave her 3 pairs of shoes already this year (I decided to stop trying to force my feet into them...), and now she's won MORE shoes!

If any of you didn't already know, Mel writes a rather hilarious/strange blog herself called Shit My Brain Says. Mel's brain says some pretty strange/hilarious things, so I encourage you to check it out! Just a warning, it's a little bit geeky :p

That's Mel on the left, when she was on vacation with her family in Mexico.
I picked out that dress and belt for her :)
(and yes, I stole this off her Facebook hehe)
Sorry Taryn, I know you wanted to win, but it was not to be :( Next time maybe! As for everyone else, thanks for entering, and for reading my blog! I'll be doing another giveaway for my one year blog-iversary, and trust me, it's gonna be a good one, so keep your eyes open for it!

Since it IS Rant Tuesday, I should probably complain about something... 
Here, I'll complain about the fact that I want more readers! And that I want all my readers to comment on my posts! I like getting feedback on stuff, and I swear I won't be mean (if you promise not to be mean)! I'm really quite surprised sometimes at the lack of talk that is generated by my posts, since I write about some controversial stuff sometimes. So you should all comment! 

No idea what to write for Thursday's fashion-themed post, so you might all get something random... I have the new Vogue, so I could always do a review, but that seems too easy. And I don't really feel like writing about Vogue again so soon. Any ideas from the orchestra pit?


  1. my blog just loves mel... it's slightly retarded. maybe i'll make it a rule for the next giveaway that the person who won the previous giveaway cannot enter! then it'll give better chances to everyone else :)

  2. try to write SEO when you do posts. also, anywhere you can leave a link back to your blog will make your blog look better to search engines. Videos, and tags, and links to other things will all help. the higher ranked you are with search engines, the more readers you get. Huzzah! I can send you a PDF about SEO, if you want. It's pretty useful.

  3. oh i already figured out most of that stuff (hence the RIDICULOUS amounts of tags i put on my posts...). and i link back to myself ALL THE TIME. how else do people know what i'm talking about? i should probly link to external websites more, but obv i can't if i'm only talking about my selfish life haha. OOH there's an article on SEO on wikipedia. LEARNING!