Sunday, 1 May 2011

Bitch Boots: A Sunday Shoe Story

On Friday night I went to see Fast Five with a few of my favourite gals, and I'm happy to report that the movie was much better than I anticipated. I came in expecting another entertaining, but mediocre at best film (as with the 4th installment of the series). But it was actually rather awesome, since they actually had a decent plotline, and all of the major characters from the previous films were reunited. There was even an appearance from Eva Mendes (though brief). Overall I loved the film, and I would love to gush more about it, but today isn't about movies, it's about shoes, as is every Sunday.
So on we move to the shoes that I wore to see the movie. Because I like to dress up when I go to the movies, but since this is considered a "guy movie," it was a little tricky to choose a pair of shoes that would be nice, but not too girly. Enter the "Bitch Boots." These babies  may have a steep heel, but they are by no means a feminine shoe. They're meant for kicking just a little bit of ass (or at least threatening to). They're just sexy enough, and just tough enough too. So they fit perfectly with the Fast and the Furious franchise, since cars (at least the good ones) are meant to have just enough sex appeal to balance out their overt masculinity. And yes, I do actually drive in these heels!
Brand: Anne Michelle
Name: Strut
Comfort Level: 7/10

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