Sunday, 8 May 2011

Blue Sunday

Quick Sunday Shoe Story today to end out the week. This pair of sandals from Aldo is one of the pairs I bought to potentially replace my favourite Montego Bay sandals. I’m less fond of these ones, since the soles are super hard, and the straps rub kind of weird at the ankles, but I’m slowly wearing them in. They’re also not the best shape to match my feet, since I have a super wide toe line (my mother claims it’s part of my Ukrainian heritage…) But whatever, they’re still cute, and I have very few blue shoes period, so I’ll put up with its imperfections for the time being!

On a different note, how are you all liking the additions that I’ve made to the blog? I’ve doubled the amount of posts, and given you tonnes more variety, so everyone should be happy with something. If you want to make any suggestions (especially for the review section) I would LOVE to hear them. I’m always looking for feedback from the people who actually care to read my blog, since getting what they want is what will keep them reading! You all might have some interesting ideas that I can try out, so go ahead and talk to me people! I promise I won’t bite (too hard)!


  1. Bah, I wish I could wear sandals like that. I friggin' hate my toes!

  2. aww i'm sure your toes are fine! my toes are large and weird, but i like them anyways :)