Sunday, 15 May 2011

An Explorer’s Best Friend

When one decides to go adventuring across sandy dunes boots are actually your best bet for footwear. Sandals may seem like the best option, but they have a tendency to come off all the time, or get filled with sand. Closed shoes also get filled with sand after a while, since they have open ankle. But boots solve all of these problems, because they don’t readily come off, and they are closed around your leg. This means that you aren’t going to be hindered by annoying grit between your toes, and you’ll stumble a bit less since your boots are secured on your feet. The only downfall is that most beachy exploration occurs in the Summer, so boots can get to be a little warm… You also can’t cool off by sticking your feet into the water, since it takes a bit more effort to remove boots than sandals and shoes…

This pair of boots I picked up for a song (seriously only $7) at Value Village just when we were seeing the last of winter. I’m not sure what brand they are, since there’s no insignia or logos anywhere on them, but I don’t care because they’re fabulous! As much as I’m not always into gold accents (I tend to go for silver), these boots are pretty damned close to perfection, since they have just enough of a sole, and the lines are super clean. The first time I wore them they were a bit uncomfortable, but once I had worn them a few more times they were much better. I wore them for about 3 hours during the photoshoot for Earn Your Stripes, and I packed a pair of sandals just in case they decided to give me any trouble, but I had absolutely no problems with them except that my legs got very warm after a while.

I like to think of these boots are being suited for a ship’s captain (hence why I’m featuring them during Nautical week), but they can also work really well for Equestrian-themed fashion. Of course, I rather dislike horses (it’s SO clichéd for girls to be obsessed with them), so I’m going to stick with calling them my captain’s boots J

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