Saturday, 7 May 2011

Polish-aholic in Training

Seriously, this is becoming a problem. In the last 2 weeks I’ve bought 9 new polishes. And I haven’t even worn HALF of the ones I received for my birthdayKirsten it’s all your fault, so this post is dedicated to you. My shoes are starting to get jealous!

Every Saturday henceforth shall be dedicated to nail polish. There’s no way I’m going to turn my whole blog into a polish-frenzy, but I figure that once a week will be enough to show off all my polishes (and give me a handy excuse to buy more). I’m secretly calling this new section “Sparkly Saturdays” but you can forget that I said that, since not all of my polishes are going to be sparkly.

Because I’m blaming Kirsten for getting me hooked, and because she bought me a load of polish for my bday, and because she got cranky that I didn’t like the oranges (so shoot me), we’re going to start off the Sparkly Saturday posts with a polish that she gave me. This one is from the China Glaze Anchors Away Collection, named “Ahoy!”, and at first glance I wasn’t really into it. But once I got it separated from it’s orange brother (Life Preserver), I was actually rather intrigued by it. I’m a huge fan of fuchsia, and I love microglitter in a polish, so it didn’t take long before I decided to wear it.

under a natural flourescent lightbulb

under sunlight

I was rather impressed with this polish, since it was  easy to apply evenly without it looking lumpy at all (which happens sometimes with glitter polishes). It covered nicely in two coats, and the dry time was pretty quick (which is good because I am NOT patient at all). It actually lasted a surprisingly long time for me (a whole 4 days) before I decided that the tips were unacceptably chipped and it had to go. I also liked how translucent the base was, since it was a nicely solid fuschia, but still showed the microglitter through beautifully. I think this technically makes it a “jelly” polish, and the hovering effect of the glitter would have been even more pronounced if I had done a third coat.

the glitter shows up way better
under incandescent light

The one problem that I had with this polish was trying to photograph it. The particular shade of fuschia was easy to capture in sunlight or with my natural flourescent lightbulb, but the glitter was hiding very sneakily no matter what I did. You can see the glitter okay in a few of the shots, but it’s so fine that the effect is really only clear in real life.

Last thought as I’m typing: this polish totally reminds me of Legally Blonde… That’s not a bad thing is it?


  1. One of my favourite pinks ever! I love jellies <3

  2. i't definitely my second favourite pink in my collection (i'm still obsessed with a retro Rimmel polish that's no longer in production), but Ahoy is definitely my favourite fuchsia!