Saturday, 28 May 2011


Anyone who writes in pen knows that mistakes are often made, but not so easily erased. Scribbling can render the mistake illegible, but the result is that there’s now a big blotch of ink in the middle of your work. The solution is, of course, whiteout! Playing around with this handy liquid paper corrector as a child I distinctly recall attempting to paint my nails with it (as well as with sharpies, markers, and highlighters…).

Obviously I wasn’t going to try this technique again (I’m a grown up now) just for the sake of nerd week, but I found a white nail polish to mimic the effect. I was lucky enough to scoop China Glaze “Snow” for only $5 from a local Chatter’s salon, after I had researched the perfect white polish on the China Glaze website. Online the whites all seem pretty similar (since there are no actual swatches), but I figured that Snow sounded like it would be a true bright white, with no other hints of colour. To the naked eye Snow looks perfect, but I did a test of it on plain white paper, and once dry the shade was a perfect match!

why is my skin pulling so much red >_<

Using the polish was a bit trickier than I expected, since the formula was quite a bit more liquid than I’m used to from China Glaze. I used two coats for these pictures, but to be honest I could have used three to make a more solid white. I wasn’t too surprised by this, since a thin polish is going to cover less well, but the bigger problem was that the thinner solution made the tipwear apparent really quickly. I don’t think this manicure lasted 24 hours before I started noticing major chips. Next time: three coats and possibly a topcoat!

Even though the thin formula is problematic, this polish is definitely the perfect bright white, and I anticipate it working quite well for layering. Definitely going to combine it with last week’s superbright yellow!

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