Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Closets are Just Where I Keep my Clothes

Just because I’m obsessed with shoes doesn’t mean that I’ve forgotten my true nature, that of a die-hard nerd. Fingers have been pointed, and I’ve been singled out as a “closet nerd” (thanks Steve, you’re an ass), but I am by no means in the closet! In fact, my closet is much too full for me to fit inside, so I have no choice but to wear my nerdiness with pride. If you don’t believe me then here’s the proof…

  • I get excited about the new Mac gadgets. Seriously, I actually read all the emails they send me, and I even though I can’t afford to buy any of the new shineys, I can definitely drool over them!
  • I’ve also been known to get over-excited in bookstores when I find something special. Yes, the rumours are true; I did scream when I found The Vampire Lestat graphic novel (which I obviously bought immediately).
  • I own approximately 1000 books, which I refer to as “my babies” or “my preciouses,” and the only way I am able to keep track of them is through perfectionist alphabetizing, and a constantly updated set of photos on my iPhone and computer.

  • I’ve always loved Star Wars, and I always will. I’m not ashamed to say it. Original movies for the win! And yes, I do still have all my action figures. They live in the same box as my Barbies, and that’s totally okay!
  • I enjoy reading obscure authors, especially those in translation. No one is as fucked up as the Russians and the Germans, and for that’s why they write such amazing/strange stories. Seriously, go pick up some Leo Tolstoy or Gunter Grass and you’ll know what I’m talking about.
  • Totally and utterly obsessed with Shakespeare. He is the greatest ever. I can’t even express how much I love everything that he’s ever written.
  • About 1/4 of my movie collection are anime/cartoons. As a side note: I refuse to watch anime if it’s dubbed. Subtitles are way better, especially since I speak a little bit of Japanese.

  • Two of my favourite books are my dictionary and my thesaurus. Words are fun!
  • Every summer when I was a child I voluntarily signed up for the reading program at the library. I wish that I could still get stickers and prizes for reading every day, but sadly adult reading clubs just aren’t as fun…
  • Organizing and alphabetizing are activities that I do for fun. If things aren’t properly organized it makes me really nervous, and I have to fix it immediately!
  • When I play video games I play them until they’re 100% completed. I MUST get all of the stupid little achievements or I’m not happy. For a girl who doesn’t really like video games, my gamerscore is actually pretty legit.
  • I still have all my Pokémon cards.
  • I have all the essays I’ve ever written since Grade 12. Mostly to prove how smart I am if anyone needs to know :p
  • Even my wardrobe is colour-categorized.
  • I don’t play sports, I won’t run, and I’m proud of the fact that I haven’t set foot in a gym since Grade 10. I also tend to avoid the outdoors, since it’s boring out there, and I don’t like getting a tan.
  • Back to school textbook shopping is one of my favourite activities ever. I can’t WAIT til September rolls around again!
  • There’s a reason why one of my favourite candies are Wonka Nerds.
  • I name my stuffies after famous historical figures (sockmonkey is Henry, after Henry VIII of England), and I plan on naming my Great Dane William (after Shakespeare of course).
  • I like heist movies because the plotting involved requires brains.
  • Trips to the library are just as fun as trips to the mall (in fact, are usually better, since they are free!)
  • I refer to used book shopping as “hunting,” and treat it as such. No one gets in my way of finding the perfect book to add to my collection, and I’m used to having to wait for the perfect conquest.
  • When I grow up I want to be a librarian. Pretty sure it doesn’t get anymore nerdy than that…
Shakespeare bobblehead = LOVE
(thanks Liz!)
In other news, it’s one of my favourite nerd’s birthdays today. So without further ado: HAPPY BIRTHDAY MELVIS <3 She’s about as nerdy as I am, and we just have to work on her shoe collection so that she’s just as fabulous as well! I helped her along the path to greater shoes already this year by giving her a few pairs of mine, and she won my giveaway contest for an Aldo gift card, so she’s well on her way. For her birthday present (since I don’t ever neglect my friend’s birthdays) I decided to cater to her nerdy side, and fill up some of her bookshelf with a book that she needs to finish part of her collection of nerdy books, as well as a smart-talking book that I’m sure she’s going to love. And I got her something else that’s not nerdy, but is still rather funny, and I’m sure she’ll enjoy it. Thank god for free shipping from Chapters for making her present possible! Once again, happy birthday Melvis, and happy hangovers (greasy burgers and shopping usually help) <3

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