Friday, 13 May 2011


Today’s review is a makeup staple, but one that is often overlooked because of its simplicity. It’s handy in the depths of winter (the driest months of the year), and the heat of the summer. Most of us have been using the product in various forms since we were children. I’m talking about chapstick!

As a child of the 90s, simple chapsticks were a makeup norm, and going without my handy Lipsmackers stick was considered a crime. The selection may have been limited as to flavours, but we were always dazzled by the new glittery-packaging of the Christmas limited editions, and craved the Dr. Pepper and other pop-flavours like they were the actual drinks. Every year my sisters and I would ask for packages of chapsticks, and when we went shopping with my mum we begged for the newest flavours. Until high school these simple chapsticks were what I considered “makeup.”

Thankfully my tastes have progressed since then, but there’s always a tube of chapstick in my purse, just in case. Most people my age have progressed to using more professional or scientifically proven brands, but I’m going to stick with my childhood classics! At the moment I’m using a tube of Lipsmackers Skittles Banana Berry, and I have to say it suits it’s purpose just fine in comparison to more upscale brands of chapstick.

What kinds do you all use? Do we like to keep the remembrances of our childhood in our makeup cases, or are we above having “fun” makeup? 

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