Saturday, 21 May 2011

Sunny Days are Here to Stay

I’m not a huge fan of yellow nail polish, even though I absolutely adore the colour itself, but I was curious to see how bright this yellow polish from Icing would actually turn out. I picked it up for about 40 cents (yay multipacks of minis from the clearance rack), and it fit this week’s theme perfectly, so I figured why not try it out.

Well, I tried, and tried, and tried again, but even after 4 coats this polish still wasn’t actually covering my nails properly. In most light I could see the distinction between my nail tips and actual nail! Under natural light and natural fluorescent bulbs (as you can see in the pictures) though, the colour was much more opaque. What the heck! Icing obviously isn’t the best quality polish, but I’m not too impressed by how much the polish fought me. I also found that the colour of the polish in the bottle didn’t really translate to my nails; it looks very close to the same shade as highlighter pens, but it definitely pulls white on the nail. The formula wasn't too bad to work with (except for the requirement of multiple coats) since it dries relatively quickly.  I would definitely classify this polish as a "jelly," since the multiple coats give it a bit of a translucency and it isn't really a solid looking finish. 

I did end up wearing it for quite a few days (with a top coat it lasted for almost a week before chipping horribly), but I’m going to have to figure out how to rectify the lighting problem. I think a coat of white polish underneath might do the trick, so I’ll have to try that! Does anyone else have this problem with other yellow polishes, or it is just this type from Icing that’s the problem?


  1. Ugh! I just hate the color yellow, so this yellow polish makes me want to barf! Also, I feel that nail polish should always have some sort of shimmer or sparkle to it but that's just me. :)

  2. I'd definitely put white underneath. I don't think I have 2 neon yellows that don't go completely opaque on their own, so a white base is a necessity. The added bonus is that a white coat underneath makes neons SUPER bright. Offensively so.

  3. yay for offensively bright nails :)