Thursday, 26 May 2011

Geek Chic

Just because I spend a lot of time surrounded by books doesn’t mean that I can’t be fabulous at the same time. On the contrary, being nerdy can be really cute!

a loose patterned shirt is perfect for layering to create texture

pearls are a librarian's best friend:
simple, classic, and elegant

pencil skirts are a wardrobe staple, and are super easy to style

a fancy top is paired perfectly with a sateen pencil skirt

pumps are always a good bet for classic style

retro Victorian and Oxford-style heels are totally hot right now

a fancy belt is more than enough to accessorize this outfit

polka dotted stockings spice up this classic sweater and fluted skirt ensemble

swapping glasses just for fun :)

bright nails for a dash of attitude

one of the models with a spin-off of her favourite novel

Some people who saw the pictures from this photoshoot say that we all looked too formal for our age, but I beg to differ. I personally enjoy dressing up like a professional, since it makes me feel like a grownup, and I figure it’s good practice for when I become a librarian. What do you all think? So we like playing adults for a day, or are we all determined to never grow up?

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  1. Well I've posted on fear of verbal lashings. It is a very good shoot.