Friday, 6 May 2011

The Return of Spring Colour

Once again I’m super late for my review of the latest Vogue, but I just did not have the time, and couldn’t quite be bothered to be prompt. But the review is finally here, and is ushering in another new blog regular. Every Friday will feature a review of some sort. Products, makeup, magazines, clothes, stores, blogs, whatever I feel like reviewing. The only category that will not be covered in this section is nail polish, for reasons which will become clear soon. This is going to be such a fun section because I love giving advice, and sharing my experiences with people so that they can make better informed decisions about things! So let the judgments begin (since judging is what I do best)!

Remember how disappointed I was in the March issue of Vogue? The lack of colours for the beginning of Spring issue was so dreary I didn’t even want to touch the April issue for fear of more monotony. But I sucked it up and bought the May issue, and thankfully it was worth it. Spring has sprung, and we’re back in full colour! We’re still seeing lots of neutrals, since that’s still a big trend for Spring, but colour is definitely back. Make-up ads are once again mimicking happy flowers, and the dominance of brightly hued summer wear has helped to fight off the last of the Winter blues. Everywhere you look in this issue it’s colour, colour, colour, from the cover to the very last pages. Having skipped right past the puddles of April into summer wear has definitely helped, since it’s ads for Havianas, sunglasses, and swimsuits that are the most eye catching. As much as I hate the heat, I am so glad that Summer is right around the corner!

Part of what makes this issue so appealing is the cover story about Reese Witherspoon. Her title of America’s Sweetheart is totally clichéd, but that’s why everyone loves her. Plus her movies are awesome. If you don’t like Legally Blonde then there is no place for you in my heart! I’m not planning on going to see her new film Water for Elephants, since it’s a little too mushy and melo-dramatic for my tastes, and I can’t stand her co-star (whose name I shant mention), but I still enjoyed reading about her time on the set. Especially the parts about the elephants. I love elephants! They’re just so huge and cute! It’s totally adorable how Vogue draws directly from Water for Elephants and uses Reese’s animal co-stars as her photoshoot companions instead of trying to sell us the romantic aspect of the film. Totally adore glamour of the photos; it’s Old Hollywood meets 1920s flapper meets circus sequins (and who can resist sequins).

I wasn’t all that impressed with the editorials again this month, and I’m starting to think that Vogue editorials are just not my style. I can always find some interesting items in them, but I find that there’s something missing from the Artistic Unity from each set. “Chateau California” had a storyline that I was quite impressed with, but I found that I wasn’t looking at the female models at all. The focus was totally on the guys in the shots! I found that Dave Franco (yes James Franco’s little brother), Max Irons, and Ethan Peck just did a better job than the women did. I’m not normally drawn to menswear, since I’m usually distracted by the shoes, but the guys just had more character and emotion, so they outshone the girls. It doesn’t help that they’re all totally adorable J

mmm boys :)

“Ready, Steady, Go” was even more disappointing. There wasn’t a cohesive plot to tie the photos together, the models were lackluster, and the clothes would have been better suited to a pre-fall editorial. The only things that I actually liked from this editorial was the over-abundance of stripes (even though they’re better suited to fall/winter wardrobes), and the fabulous almost-periwinkle blue colour that offset the black stripes.

Thank god for the focus on Alexander McQueen’s museum retrospective, since it was the only decent editorial, in my opinion. I’m never going to get tired of hearing about McQueen, and I’m never going to get tired of seeing the whimsical and strange pieces that he crafts. Seriously go and see some of the crazy stuff that was exhibited in the Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art. You will not be disappointed. My favourite piece that Vogue honoured in this issue was the extravagant flower-covered ballgown that he created in 2007. It’s not just fabric flowers (which would have been gorgeous by themselves), it’s actual fresh flowers as well. Obviously this is not a practical piece of clothing, and is meant purely as couture, but it’s hard not to fall in love with the intricacy of this gown. I can just see Spenser’s Faerie Queen wearing it through the woods!

don't you just LOVE the decadence?

We’re brought quickly back to reality with the harsh (read: dull) themes of “Championship Season.”  I’m not one for sportswear, and I don’t really consider it fashion. It’s practical, sure, but it’s meant for lounging around the house or for actually doing physical activities, not the runways or the pages of a fashion magazine. Give me more crazy couture any day! At least the shoes featured in it were pretty…

Last Look: Chanel and Blake Lively team up to bring us feminine pretty with a twist. 

Photos courtesy of Vogue

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