Friday, 27 May 2011

The Straight and Narrow

As someone who likes things to be perfectly ordered and neat it’s no surprise that my unruly, curly, frizzy hair was a constant bane to my existance. No matter what curl-controlling products I used (gels, mousses, or hairsprays; I tried everything) my curls would not not be tamed. I wasn’t about to try a chemical relaxant on my hair, since they’re very damaging to thin hair like mine, but I figured that maybe a straightening iron might be the solution to my hair woes. In Grade 11 one of my friends (who also had unruly curls) let me try her flat iron, but the results were less than pleasing. My hair was poufy, fried, and looked a mess, so I was convinced for years to come that my hair couldn’t be tamed by heat.

But a few years later I discovered that a curling iron could control my curls (though it took far too long to be a practical solution). The time to attempt a flat iron again had come, but this time I would try a higher quality styling tool. I was happy to find that my sister’s flat iron was capable of straightening my curls like it promised to, and with no damaging consequences.

they're changed the basic flat iron a bit since I bought mine,
but this is the present equivalent.
photo from here.

So I ran out and bought my very own Babyliss flat iron that was exactly the same as my sister’s, since we don’t really like sharing in my family. The brand that I bought (I was later informed by my hair stylist) was not a super good straightener, but it was still a medium-level professional brand. Babyliss may not be considered one of the higher-level professional styling tool brands (like Paul Mitchell and Chi for example), but it works well on my hair without damaging it (which can be a problem with flat irons that are 250º+ capable). I’ve had it for about 3 years, and it still works just fine, and my hair isn’t damaged from the constant heat. I have nothing but compliments to give abour the Babyliss brand based on my experience, and that should say something considering how prone to whining I am :p

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