Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Wishlist Wednesday

Welcome to the first of my new additions to the blog: Wishlist Wednesday! The title is pretty explanatory; every Wednesday I’ll talk about something that I want, but can’t get or haven’t acquired yet. I haven’t decided if I’m going to keep it strictly fashion- and shoe-based, since I often obsess about other things (books, ice cream, etc). This is also the easiest way for me to talk about stuff I want, but is completely out of my price range (being a student sucks).

Technically, I’m cheating a little bit for this week’s wishlist item, since I gave into my craving and went out and bought them. Like many girls I know, I have this problem with accumulating underwear. Even though I do laundry all the time, so there’s no way I’ll ever run out, and I don’t have a boyfriend to show it off to, I just can’t help but be drawn to buying underwear. It’s just so cute, and there’s always new colours, and getting matching sets with bras is awesome, and it’s not very expensive usually, so what’s the harm? 

I realized a while ago that I had enough underwear to last me for almost 2 months without ever doing the laundry.  I felt that even for me, this was a little bit obsessive. So I vowed to stop buying underwear until I had thrown out a bunch of my collection. Somehow I was actually able to hold off on buying underwear for almost 2 years. Yeah, that’s how much underwear I had. With a rotation, they rarely got close to being worn out, and if I wasn’t throwing pairs out, I wasn’t allowed to buy anymore. But at the beginning of April my favourite lingerie store, La Senza started another sale. But I held off again, even though walking by the store in the mall was painfully tempting.

Until last week. I finally gave in, and cashed in on the sale. Seriously 8 pairs of underwear for $25.50 was just TOO GOOD. The bright colours, and adorable patterns were calling my name, and I have to say that giving in to the craving felt oh so good. I even got a little bonus card with my purchase that will give me a minimum of $10 off a purchase in May (it’s a scratch card, and for once actually guaranteed to save you money). Pretty sweet deal right? Totally can’t wait to wear all of my new underwear, even if no one but me gets to see them!

Do any of you have the same addiction to cute lingerie that I do? I bet I’m not the only one out there J Check out the La Senza website, since it’ll be hard to not fall in love with their adorable collections!

Photos Courtesy of La Senza

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