Tuesday, 3 May 2011

I'm not going to eat that, Mum!

It’s my good friend and fellow blogger Dan’s birthday today, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAN YOU’RE OLD! Well not really that old, just older than me. Here’s a few things about Dan that you all might find amusing.

  1. Dan writes a blog called This Fucking Spaceship. It’s about music mostly, and other random things that Dan likes, and it’s quite funny. You should totally check it out.
  2. Dan used to be a supervisor at the same place I used to work at in Victoria, and technically that’s how we know each other, even though he had stopped working there long before I got hired.
  3. Dan likes unicorns. I mean, REALLY likes unicorns. It’s kind of charming, in a weird sort of way. 
  4. Dan wears a lot of interesting clothes. Like the Saturday pants. They’re hilarious. I should probably do a proper fashion post on Dan’s weird wardrobe…
  5. Dan really likes food. He eats ALL THE TIME. Yet he’s the skinniest person I know. Which kind of makes me hate him for his fast metabolism.
I told you he really likes unicorns!

But today is Tuesday, and that means I have to complain about something, so we’re going to be talking about foods that I hate (since Dan really likes food). My mother has always considered me a picky eater, and I’m actually not as bad about it as I used to be. But I still have a large list of foods that I do not enjoy, and will not eat. Here are some of them (with some explanations, because I felt the need to justify why I dislike them).
-       fake mayo aka Miracle Whip
-       pickles
-       dill
-       peppers
-       celery
-       corn
-       milk (texture bad)
-       Crisco (butter is better)
-       tomato sauce
-       tomato soup
-       olives
-       mangoes
-       cheap chocolate (though I’ll eat it anyways)
-       large bagels (though I love mini bagels)
-       coffee (but coffee blended beverages are nom)
-       feta cheese
-       low fat / zero calorie anything (
-       sauerkraut
-       cabbage (except in cabbage rolls)
-       salsa (unless it’s mild)
-       bananas
-       beets
-       raisins (though I like them in cookies)
-       pears
-       lasagna (unless it’s super plain)
-       turkey
-       fruit cake
-       Wonderbread
-       McDonalds
-       curry
-       poached eggs
-       deviled eggs
-       eggs benedict
-       cereal
-       kiwis (they make my tongue numb)
-       lemons / real lemonade (makes my throat sore)
-       strawberry ice cream (we made strawberry ice cream from scratch with homegrown strawberries, and nothing will ever compare)

That’s actually a pretty short list of complaints from me, considering how much I normally complain… I’m sure there are more foods that I dislike, but that’s all for now! Are there any foods that you can't stand? No one actually likes everything do they? That would just be weird...

Dan, I hope you're eating something delicious (or many delicious things), since birthdays should always include awesome food ♥ Hopefully your present has gotten to you in the mail by now!


  1. Ooh, excellent picture choice... I love that book. The title alone is phenomenal!
    "Sixteen Magical Tales About The Most Wondrous of All Creatures... UNICORNS!"

    Also, I must admit, I would probably eat everything on your list without hesitation. Can't afford to be picky when you eat as much as I do. lol

  2. i almost chose the unicorn mirror shot, but the book one was just too good to pass up :) you just get SO EXCITED by your unicorns!