Sunday, 29 May 2011

Literary Classics

For classic black pumps, this pair from German shoe designers, Bleka (sorry I don’t have a link for them, since they don’t seem to have a website…), lives up to its name; they totally are “awesome!” The material isn’t straight up black patent, so if they get scuffed the damage isn’t as noticeable (which can be a deterrent when buying patent pumps). The heels are pretty high, but they’re chunky and therefore totally stable for walking. I’m also really fond of the toe shape, since it’s neither pointed, nor square, nor rounded. It’s kind of a squared-off round, if that makes sense, which is relatively comfy for your toes. The only problem that I have with this pair of heels is that there’s absolutely no cushion on the footpad, so after a while your feet are going to get sore without insoles. But whatever, high heels aren’t meant for copious amounts of walking any ways :p

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