Thursday, 5 May 2011

Disappointment at it's Best

This week has been chalk full of disappointment, and I am so annoyed/frusterated that I don't even really want to blog about it, even though I swore I would.

I was planning a post all about how awesome Kate Middleton's fascinator was at the Royal Wedding. I was going to call it "Royal Fascination." It was going to be fabulous and whimsical, just like her previous millinary confections. But NO. She had to go and wear a veil and a tiara. Ok, the tiara was sparkly (and by definition gorgeous), but I was expecting a fascinator. According to the MacClean's article I read the other week she wasn't allowed to wear a tiara or a crown because she was a commoner (just like Camilla, who had to make do with a fancy hat), but I guess they bent the rules for her. Am not impressed. I wanted a hat damnit. It would been a wonderful addition to the millinary trend she's already started in the fashion world, but no, she had to jump off her own bandwagon at the last minute. For shame, Kate!

Since we're already at a rather angry place, we're also going to mention how annoyed I am with the results of the Canadian Federal Election. For those of my readers who aren't from our great northern nation, feel free to skip this section, since it's pretty much Canada-central, and has nothing to do what-so-ever with fashion. I was SO EXCITED that we were having an election. FINALLY. A chance to get Stephen Harper, and his Conservatives out of power. I did my duty, and voted for one of the other parties (I'm not going to say who though), but the rest of Canada failed to shake their addiction to the Tories. Seriously guys and gals, do we really want to become another acquisition to the USA? I would rather not, considering the non-socialized healthcare, problematic education system, and lower living standards. There's lots of other problems with the Conservative Party that I could talk about, but I honestly don't care enough to actually discuss them. But I'll leave you with this to ponder: do we really want a Prime Minister who wears sweater vests? There are a few people I know who can pull one off (KD you're fabulous), but Stephen Harper is definitely not one of them... Fashion statements may not be part of the official Conservative Party platform, but maybe they should be, considering how judgemental we Canadian youth are, and eventually we're going to be the only ones left, since old people die, so it's our votes you should be worried about!

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