Tuesday, 13 December 2011

The Best (and Worst) of the Holiday Season

I have a love/hate relationship with holidays; when I plan an amazing evening, I inevitably wind up miserable and in tears, but if I don’t plan anything then I wind up having a randomly fun time. The big one I hate is my birthday, but I’ll get into that closer to the next one, and xmas is my second most hated holiday. This year my plans are to do exactly what I did two years ago on my first completely alone xmas: spend the morning cooking ridiculous amounts of food, eat a lot, and take a walk through a graveyard at sunset to take pictures. The cooking and eating thing is pretty normal, but I’m sure the waking in the graveyard thing sounds a little weird to most people. Don’t you all know I’m weird by now? I do my own thing, and I highly enjoy doing strange things that creep other people out! 

♥ being allowed to listen to the Basshunter version of "Jingle Bells" and The Darkness' "Christmas Time (Don't Let the Bells End)" without irony
✖ being subjected to carols during shopping expeditions
♥ sparkles everywhere
✖ being glitterblinded by the light
♥ the view of the world covered in a layer of white
✖ having to trudge through mounds of snow to get anywhere
♥ cute boots
✖ no sandals
Starbucks white chocolate peppermint mochas in red cups
✖ eggnog
♥ great shopping deals
✖ being broke
♥ xmas cards & letters from friends
✖ being really really far away from said friends
♥ presents
✖ shitty presents (citing the "inappropriate necklace" here)
♥ people being nicer
✖ the knowledge that they're only being nice because "tis the season," and come January they'll be back to being assholes
♥ xmas baking sprees
✖ the obligatory xmas weight
♥ decorating the xmas tree
✖ the bigger electric bills from the abundance of lights
♥ sleeping late
✖ having to readjust in January

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