Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Snow, Snow, Snow, Blah

that's my baby dog TJ!
photo coutesy of Fedorak Photo

It’s no secret that I hate snow. It’s wet it’s cold, and most of all it ruins my shoes. No matter how many shoe care products I use, nothing can stop the evil white crap from the sky from discolouring my shoes and making my socks all wet and soggy. Yes, I could wear proper snow boots and avoid these issues, but have you seen real snow boots? Pretty much the ugliest footwear ever. Even worse than Uggs and Crocs, in my books. Aesthetic are much more important to me than practicality. True diva bitch!

Sure it looks pretty when it first snows. Everything gets covered and the change in basic perspectives lends a magical quality to the landscape. But a few days later the snow starts to discolour from the pollution of the city, and turns a disgusting shade of taupe. I’m not a fan of taupe under the best of circumstances, and when this particular shade is created by dirt and grime I like it even less.

Whenever I suit up and venture out into the winter wonderland, I invariably manage to get snow down the back of my jacket. Even when I avoid snowball fights and active snow-play (ladies do not romp like children), the white crap still manages to invade my clothing. I swear, the trees must be conspiring with gravity to carefully plot when they should drop snow on passersby, because they always hit me right where it hurts. I love a good plot, but I do not enjoy being the recipient of nasty pranks. 

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