Saturday, 17 December 2011

Cranberries & Wine

Ironically, two of my least favourite xmas type foods are what this China Glaze nail polish reminds me of. Yet I adore that deep, rich red that always comes with just a hint of glitter. “Heart of Africa” is definitely one of my favourite red polishes because it’s not really a red – anything this deep is in a category of its own – and because it’s a red with a secret. Whether it’s stolen kisses under the mistletoe, having been naughty all year (and not gotten caught), or that hint of something dark that’s always present during the holidays, a red wine burgundy always says xmas better than a Kris Kringle red. Things change as we get older, and so does the meaning of the holidays.

(Sorry that there’s only one picture, but the nails on my swatching hand all broke – wtf I know – and the sun was being a sneaky bitch for the last few days)

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