Sunday, 25 December 2011

Shoe Karma

It being Christmas, karma is a topic on my mind all together too much right now. Whether our good deeds during the year cancel out the bad behavior, and whether the slate gets wiped clean after the holidays. The debate never really ends, much like karma itself, so I’m always left undecided. Even if I can’t decide whether my past will dictate my future, and whether to stop being paranoid about coincidences, I know that one part of my karma is working to my advantage. All the shoe love I put into the world comes back to me and I wind up finding more and more shoes to adopt and love. That’s how I scored this fabulous pair of platform ankle boots from the Patricia Field for Payless Shoes capsule collection from a thrift store for $5. Field is one of the most fabulous women working in the fashion industry, and it’s because of her that Sex and the City has the amazing styling that it does! Knowing Canadian retail as I do, these beauties probably never made it to Canadian Payless stores, so the fact that I scored a pair that was imported by some other fabulous shoe diva reaffirms that no one does it this well. Halifax hasn’t really clued into my shoe karma yet, but I’m hoping come the new year that it’ll start raining shoes again!

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