Thursday, 17 May 2012

And How are You All Doing? (U is for You)

Apparently U is an extremely un-used letter to begin last-names with, so I have not a single author to suggest that you read. Instead I want to hear what you're all reading for the summer! Whether it's a 6 foot stack of Harlequin romances, Sherlock Holmes (Liz and I discovered we were reading it at exactly the same time without discussing doing so, and therefore you should follow along), pre-reading textbooks for next year (though hopefully not...), or catching up on your favourite authors I wanna hear about it! Though I can't promise not to laugh if you're actually reading a 6 foot stack of Harlequins...


  1. Nicole and I went to Bolens today, she got me Good Omens as a birthday treat and I got myself American Gods. Once those are done I'll probably make my way through her bookshelf a bit.

  2. good choices! i've seen nicole's bookshelf, and those look like some good ones too!