Saturday, 26 May 2012

Z is for Zoos, Zebras, & Zippers

... all of which can be found in The Norton Anthology of Children's Literature, edited by Jack Zipes. He's one of the foremost scholar's on children's literature (both content and historically), so for anyone with an interest in the genre this is not a book to be missed. Normally I don't bother keeping the Norton/Oxford/etc anthologies that I was forced to buy as part of my English degree, but this one I kept because it has a whole bunch of stories that aren't in publication anymore and aren't easy to find, even though they're important to the historical development of children's literature. It's a huge volume, even in paperback, hence why it comes with a carrying case, so that it won't get damaged, and every page is packed with useful information and wonderful tales.

image from Good Reads

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