Sunday, 20 May 2012

Storybook Love (W is for Willingham)

I've already said that I love re-told fairytales, so it's no wonder I fell head-over-heels into storybook love with Bill Willingham's graphic novel series Fables. Every creature from fairytales around the world are reworked into the series, but in the most modern sense. These characters are referred to as "Fables," and have been chased out of their homelands by the Adversary to reside in New York (and other locales around the world) among the "mundies." Political drama, relationships made and broken, magic, adventure, and a glass slipper or two all reside within the pages of these volumes, and in the spin-off series. It's no wonder that Fables started racking in the awards soon after their inception, since they're everything that a reader could want.

image from Scene 360

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