Sunday, 28 July 2013

I Don't Wake Up Looking Like This...

... I actually need stuff to look like this. Specifically, a plan.

Mornings are always busy. Wake up, breakfast, pack lunch, check email, etc, etc, etc, so unless you have a completely streamlined wardrobe where everything conveniently goes together, it takes time to look fabulous every morning. Clearly I do not have a convenience wardrobe. There are pairs of shoes that only coordinate with a single dress. And dresses that have to be worn with specific undergarments. Which in turn always manage to be in the wash just when I need them.

So my solution to manage my (slightly ridiculous) wardrobe and ensure my continuing fabulousness (or at the very least to avoid wearing an accidentally stained shirt in public) is to plan my outfit the night before. This started out as a way of having time to match my shoes to my outfits in 3rd year University (living on campus is super convenient for wearing heels to class), since pre-8:30 lecture is not a good time to try and find an outfit.

Clearly I was never one of those students who wore sweatpants, Lululemons, or (goddess forbid) pajamas to class. Hello, I have a reputation to maintain.

Even though I don't need to run to class at the break of dawn anymore I find it really soothing to check the weather forecast and plan an outfit for the next morning. I find I'm more creative in the evening anyways, so this way I have more time in the a.m. to eat a real breakfast (or have a second cup of coffee) and be able to wake up properly before starting my day. Because, trust me, I have to spend my mental energy on projects at work and on getting my 101-item To Do list completed every day.

sandals by MTNY, tank tops by Suzy Shier and Tricotto, pants by DCS, hat by Le Chateau, jewelry by Ardene

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