Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Wolfpack of One

 I’ve been having a lot of conversations with people in the last few weeks that seem to revolve around one topic: the fact that I don’t do anything that “normal” Whistler people do, and it therefore must be hard to meet people.

Well, excuuuuuuse me for not being a social butterfly and Miss Popularity!

What everyone seems to have missed in their assessment of me and my lifestyle is that I like my life. I like the things that I do. I like the small amount of social interaction that I have.

And mostly importantly: I do in fact have a wolfpack. My wolfpack is just scattered across a province and a country, so I can’t fill my weekends with highjinx and escapades because they aren’t physically in the same place as I am. This is the inevitable result of moving twice for school, and then away again for work. It was never my intention in the first place to stay in the same small town and eek out a living working the same shitty job, when I have the opportunity to go to school in other cities and other provinces, and to experience a lifestyle that isn’t lodged in the valley that I was raised in. I wanted to move away, and so I did, which inevitably meant leaving my wolfpack behind. Some of them moved away as well, but some of them still hold their wolfpack membership cards.

Most people would have made a new wolfpack in every city that they lived in, but I haven’t done that. I don’t really like putting down roots until I know I’m going to stay for a while, and when I am sure I do initiate new members. Sometimes the initiation has been the other way around, and I’ve become absorbed into an already formed pack of wildwomen, but when I move away again I tend to only keep a few choice members as part of my personal pack.

But since I’ve adopted the transient lifestyle it seems like my wolfpack is down to one. Companions and run-alongs may come and go, but I am the one person who I can’t live without. And I’m totally fine with that.

Afterall, when I need someone to run with, I just raise my head to the full moon and I can hear the answer of my pack-members no matter how far away they are. A-woooooooooo!

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