Sunday, 14 July 2013

Summer Lovin'

"Mod" sandals by Bamboo
Summer and I have an off and on relationship; sometimes I like the heat, but most of the time I find it unbearable. Sounds like my dating life, hey? Summer might be playing hard to get at the moment, and my brain might be saying that I want it, but I’ve subconsciously been putting into place coping mechanisms for when summer starts acting like the one night stand who turns into a stalker.

  1. Air conditioning at the workplace. Whether it’s finding a workplace that has a flexible dress code, or just  good ventilation system this is a must. It takes cash to run our lives, and having to sweat it out to make a measly $8 an hour. Even if the job isn’t great, you’ll feel like you’re making a lot more than minimum wage if your benefits package comes with some A/C.
  2. Shady beach spots. Spending time at the beach is great, but what happens after hour 3? Our frappucino is gone, the cooler has melted, and a dip in the lake only works until you get back to your towel. Staking out a place where a seat can be quickly shifted to the shade prevents longterm crankiness as well as sunburns!
  3. Northfacing rooms. You might curse them during the winter for their lack of natural light, but in the summer they become a godsend.
  4.  Find the nearest library. They always have the best airconditioning, and you can pick up something to read and get free wifi while you’re avoiding the heat!
  5. Learn how to ice your coffee. Frappucino runs can eat up to a lot of your $8-an-hour-paycheque, and a big red tub of Folgers only costs $7.99. Total no brainer.
  6.  Invest in a big hat. Just make sure it’s a good one, or you’ll look more like the Queen than Samantha Jones. Channeling the royal ‘tude is great, but not with a stylist like that!
  7.  Ice water on your wrists and ankles. This is something that I learned when I worked at Wendy’s (shameful, I know) and had to slave over deep fryers all day, and it saved my bacon more than once. The wrists and ankles are natural pressure points for temperature control, so cooling them down will cool down everything else. You might not believe me now, but give it try. Not only will you be super-chill in seconds, but you’ll also feel smarter knowing that you outsmarted the weather. 
image from Shopping Savage

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