Friday, 9 September 2011

J is for Jet

Reasons why I love Jet (in no particular order):
-       Their song “Are you Gonna be my Girl” was in one of the original Apple iPod commercials.
-       They were inspired by the art of the Beatles album Revolver for the video of “Are you Gonna be my Girl,” which combines my love of stark b&w-chairoscuro art styling, and my favourite musical band of all time.
-       Cold Hard Bitch” is totally my theme song, and it doesn’t offend me that my friends used to sing it at karaoke for me. I am a cold, hard bitch, and if you can’t deal with that then go f*** yourself!
-       Their sound is very retro (classic rock), but is definitely unique.
-       Their latest album Shaka Rock is slightly addictive. I couldn’t stop listening to “She’s a Genius” for like 2 months.
-    I like their twist on the “love song.” They sing about girls, but they sing about girls being bitches, girls who are smarter than them, and girls who play the game better than them, and they seem to do it without being ironic. Apparently there are guys out there who like the confusing, demanding, intelligent, and bitchy girls! YESSSS!

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